Timeless treasures, timeless experiences, timeless results.

Holland House sets a new standard.

Holland House opened in April 2010 when Marie Hofmeyer fulfilled her dreams of owning a full service design studio and home decor store.

We have so much to offer you and your home. Including an exciting, ever changing collection of home decor and clothing to enhance your style inside and out!

Our professional Interior Designers not only keep the store looking fabulous with different scenarios to inspire you, but they will accompany you on your specific decorating projects. Whether it be a new or existing space, our designers will work with you and your individual stye to bring your home to life.

We can help with: Kitchen and Bath Design, Counter tops, Flooring, Paint color selections, Wallpaper, Unique Design Ideas, Furniture placement, and much, much more!

One of our favorite things is “The Holland House Call.” Our designers come to your home and work with your furnishings and decor to make it look new and refreshed. By rearranging your furniture and moving around your accents, it can make your room feel new again. We will also bring in a few new pieces at your request!

store hours:

Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm
Saturday 9am-4:30pm


109 Central Ave NE,
Orange City, IA 51041


(712) 707-5522

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