Oak Grove Summer Camps



Join Sioux County Naturalists this summer for outdoor adventures. All summer camps $10 per participant. Ages 3 and 4 are $5 per child. Pre-registration required and will start April 1 at 8am. Space is limited. All registration must be done online at www.mycountyparks.com/county/sioux.aspx

Budding Naturalists (Different from last year) Ages 3-4

These little naturalists will have a hands-on introduction to nature. Parents/adult must attend. Includes games, crafts, and trail hikes.

Choose from:

June 17 9am-11am OR 2pm-4pm
July 1 9am-11am OR 2pm-4pm
July 6 9am-11am OR 2pm-4pm
July 7 9am-11am OR 2pm-4pm

Nature Up Close: Ages 5-6

This Camp includes a broad range of nature
Exploration including: bugs, seeds, nests,
and animals. Includes games, crafts, and trail hikes.

Choose from

June 15-16 9am-noon OR 1pm-4pm
June 17-18 9am-noon
June 22-23 9am-noon OR 1pm-4pm
June 24-25 9am-noon
July 13-14 9am-noon

Underground Treasures: Ages 7-9

This camp will focus on rock collecting, archaeology, and fossils. Campers will be able to make a rock collection to take home. This two-day camp is offered 5 times.

9am-2pm choose from:

June 29-30 Turkey Classroom
June 29-30 Deer Classroom
July 1-2
July 15-16
July 20-21

Water Works: Ages 10-12

Get ready to get wet! We will discover and learn about Iowa’s wetlands-hands on! Explore the pond, go fishing, skip rocks, and learn how important water is for survival. This camp is from 9am-3pm.

July 8-9
July 13-14
July 22-23

Survivor: Ages 13-15

This day camp will be an outdoor survival class with a mix of S’mores, hikes, fishing, shelter building, fire starting and campfire fun. Bring your own lunch. Bring a side for supper.

July 29, noon-9:30 pm

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