Required FFCRA Poster

IMPORTANT! As of April 1 it is a requirement that all employers have the FFCRA poster displayed with their other required employment posters.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Info Documents

Any lender with a 750 participation agreement can do a PPP loan.   A list of Iowa based lenders with SBA 750 Agreements is attached.  Please note – the attached list reflects Iowa based lenders only; it does not include regional or national  lenders.

In order to originate and submit a PPP loan application, a lender must have access to CAFS/E-Tran. The instructions on how to enroll in CAFS/E-tran are attached.  In order to complete the enrollment you will need to know your lender location ID (if multiple branches, use lender ID for your primary location) which is not indicated on the attached list of lenders.   If we have done an SBA 504 loan with you, SEDC is able to tell you what your Lender Location ID is. Otherwise you will need to get your Lender Location ID from the SBA District Office in Des Moines.

Please be aware – there is a large volume of requests for CAFS and E-tran access; they are being processed at SBA HQ in the order received and there is currently a backlog so it will likely take a while to get approval to utilize CAFS/E-tran.