The new can redemption center opened on Wednesday, April 15 and is located at 602 14th Street Southeast in Orange City, directly east of Quatro Composites.  Tonya Venema is the owner operator and can be reached at 712-395-1970.

redemption center hours

Monday9:00 AM 3:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM – 3:00 PM6:00 – 8:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM3:00 PM

What you may bring into the redemption center:

1. Clean, redeemable Iowa 5¢ deposit, soda or beer cans and plastic soda bottles, only those bought from grocery stores or merchants within city limits in clear plastic garbage bags.
Items CANNOT be flattened or crushed! All containers must be free from litter, food, mold, insects, wrappers, rodents, cigarette butts, chew or shew spit, syringes, and other waste matter.  Orange City Can Redemption Center has the right according to the Iowa Grocery Industry Association and the Iowa Bottle Bill Law, to refuse any container that has any foreign matter other than the dried residu of the beverage itself. Bags may not have liquids in them!

2. Clean redeemable Iowa 5¢ label, glass beer or wine bottle — in original box or on flats.
Glass MUST NOT be, handled for redemption, in bags. Once you enter the Orange City Redemption Center’s door, a table will be available to take each glass bottle out and set it in a box or flats to be counted. Glass bottles are NOT redeemable of they are broken in any way!

What you may not bring into the redemption center:

  • Non-redeemable cans, plastic, and glass without Iowa 5¢ deposit label
  • Plastic juice, tea, Gatorade and/or Powerade bottles
  • Plastic, non-carbonated water bottles
  • Brands that are not sold within city limits (ex. HyVee, IGA, Kmart, etc.)