2021 construction up $42,000,000 over 2020

Orange City saw a very busy construction season in 2021. There was over 57 million dollars in projects which was up significantly over 2020 (15 million dollars in 2020). Those projects included 14 residential units being built with 10 of them single family homes. The 14 housing units represents $5,073,380 in residential construction. In other construction which includes commercial, industrial, and other projects totaled $51,802,626 compared to $4,122,000 in 2020.

Major projects in 2021 included:

  • Northwestern College Welcome Center
  • MOC-FV Transportation facility
  • MOC-FV Elementary School
  • Unity Christian School addition
  • Diamond Vogel Innovation Center
  • Dollar Fresh, Scooters Coffee
  • Highland Post meat processing
  • Puddle Jumper 10th residential addition
  • Industrie Centrum 7th addition.

It was a good year for construction with plans to keep up momentum in 2022.