Welkom From Mayor De Haan

As mayor of Orange City, I thank you for visiting our website and would like to Welkom you to our community!

Orange City is vibrant and we proudly display our Dutch heritage and traditions. From beautiful flower gardens, well-kept lawns, and a downtown Windmill square with a flowing water canal lined with miniature windmills we hope you delight in our town’s beauty. Many buildings in the community display authentic Dutch architecture and Dutch store fronts adorn our businesses. Our unique Dutch heritage makes us a popular tourist destination.

While heritage and traditional values continue to play a significant role, Orange City is a thriving community with a promising future. Quaint shopping venues, a variety of dining options, numerous recreational facilities, and a community that supports the arts provide opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The community also maintains a strong commitment to quality education, outstanding health services, economic development, and active churches. With established businesses expanding and new ones growing, Orange City’s future is bright.

The third weekend in May, our city hosts the annual Tulip Festival. For three days in May, Orange City welcomes friends, neighbors, and visitors to come and celebrate the traditions and customs of the Dutch. The event draws over 100,000 guests each year.

Come and see for yourself. Discover what Orange City has to offer for a day–or a lifetime!

Deb De Haan