building on the past – looking toward the future

The OC21 Foundation was established in 1988 to build a thriving, engaged, and vibrant community in Orange City. Over the past 35 years, the OC21 Foundation has received over $700,000 from Orange City Municipal Utilities customers. These donations have provided financial assistance to all of these projects and more! As we move toward the future, the campaign will go by “GrowOC.”

partners in preservation

The Dutch American Heritage Museum (DAHM) greatly appreciated financial assistance from the Community Betterment Funds. In 2020, the museum began a large capital campaign to improve the exteriors of our buildings, establish a perennial garden, and install professional quality exhibits in the main museum and annex. The city generously financially supported our efforts to achieve this goal. In a short amount of time, the museum was able to raise funds, and by 2022, the entire project was completed. Now, the DAHM is able to better reflect the “vibrant life” of Orange City.

~Sara Huyser, Dutch American Heritage Museum


Throughout the past 3 decades, many generous donations from community members fueled the progress. Numerous projects were successfully completed, bringing vast benefits to Orange City, including recreational opportunities, healthcare, educational resources, and much more!

As we look towards the future, we invite you to make a lasting impact in our community with one easy step by joining GrowOC. Our donation initiative, Give Small. Think Big. is a fantastic opportunity to invest in our community and grow a vibrant Orange City for years to come!

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