about growoc/OC21

Building on Our Past

The OC21 Foundation was established in 1988 to build a thriving, engaged, and vibrant community in Orange City. Their mission was:

“to promote the ongoing development of the community, which includes the citizens of Orange City and those from neighboring cities and farms within its trade area. Through grassroots funding research, planning, and consensus, the Foundation seeks to be a catalyst in stimulating projects that improve the well-being of our people and the economic climate of our region.”

Many generous donations from community members fueled the progress. As the decades passed, numerous projects were successfully completed, bringing vast benefits to Orange City. These benefits include recreational opportunities, healthcare, educational resources, and much more!

Looking Towards the Future

As Orange City grows, we look forward to what the next decades will hold. We ask for your partnership in shaping what you hope to see by joining GrowOC. In one easy step, you can make a lasting impact on our community by investing in the future.
Together with your neighbors, each donation will add up to directly fund vital development projects, making our community an even better place to live.

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