Natural Gas

Orange City’s natural gas utility has made many improvements to the system since it was founded in 2002. With the addition of several mains, pressure upgrades, and replacement of some mains, Orange City has added value to its young utility. The utility is run by two full time employees. Each of these employees has taken the Operator Qualification for their respective duties. The additional personal needed for on call have also had the proper training for the gas utility which is available 24/7.

Natural Gas is delivered to Orange City by means of the NN (Northern Natural) Transmission System. It arrives at our TBS (Town Border Station) from NN and then is delivered to customers on our piping system. Gas is delivered from seven-ounce distribution water columns to five pounds or more for large industrial customers.

Orange City purchases its natural gas from Clayton Energy in Wahoo, Nebraska, which helps with the billing, purchasing, and scheduling our daily amounts of gas. A diversified portfolio of natural gas contracts through Clayton Energy helps protect Orange City customers from spikes in gas prices due to natural disasters, shipping/distributions, and war.

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