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State of Iowa Financial Assistance Programs

The State of Iowa can support business growth through direct financial assistance and tax incentives. A variety of business development programs are available through the State of Iowa. For further information on the State of Iowa Financial Assistance Programs, please click on the link below.

Tax Increment Financing

The City of Orange City has several designated Urban Renewal Areas or Tax Increment Financing Areas. If your business is located in one of those areas, it may be eligible for public improvement financing that uses the additional, or incremental taxes that the project will generate to help finance the cost of the project.

Tax Exemptions

Also called Tax Abatement. Under some circumstances, and within certain pre-defined geographical areas, the city has the authority to abate taxes that are to be paid on improvements to property within the area.

Orange City Revolving Loan Fund

Orange City, Iowa has a revolving loan fund available to fund new or existing projects ranging from industrial to retail ventures. The purpose of the revolving loan fund is to provide “gap” financing (funds that cannot be secured from other sources or satisfactory terms that would allow the project to materialize. To incentivize larger investment projects to occur that support OCDC development objectives. The proposed business must be within a four mile radius around the cities of Orange City and Alton. Eligible loan categories; Heavy Industrial, Light Industrial & Headquarter Offices, Commercial (both retail products and services) and Non-Profit Facilities. RLF funds will not exceed $57,000 or 25% of the project, whichever is less. For a copy of the Orange City Revolving Loan fund application please contact one of our local lenders or Ryan McEwen – Community Development Director at (712)707-4885 or

Dutch Storefront Grant

Hawkeye Center

Orange City is very proud of its Dutch Heritage. Even our name, “Orange City”, is a direct reference to the Dutch ruling family, The House of Orange. Early Dutch immigrants to the area were also proud of their heritage and wanted to maintain many of the customs, culture, and architecture of the “Old Country”.

Many of the first buildings in Orange City were constructed to resemble buildings from different Dutch provinces. Those immigrants built what they remembered from their ancestral homeland. Since Holland is much older than the United States, many buildings in Holland were constructed in the 1700’s and 1800’s. While this style of construction is distinct, regional variations exist based upon different provinces in Holland. Color schemes, type of shutters, roof gable styles, and other building amenities all combine to make Old World “Dutch” buildings different from more modern styles of architecture. The unique nature of this architecture provides support to the Dutch heritage that is Orange City, Iowa.


Trying to capitalize on Orange City’s unique heritage, the City Council in the mid 1980’s searched for ways to advertise and market our Dutch culture and the Dutch experience. The City’s annual May Tulip Festival highlights our heritage and draws many visitors. To support this celebration of ethnic heritage, the Council instituted a Dutch Storefront Program.

This program requires the building front to have a uniquely “Dutch” style of architecture in the downtown business district and in other areas zoned commercial. Beginning with 3 projects in 1987, the program has assisted over 50 building owners since its inception. All sizes and styles of building fronts have been included. Businesses such as restaurants, motels, retail stores, and plumbing or electrical contractors have all participated in the Dutch Storefront Program. City Council approved matching funds for storefront renovation has ranged in amounts of up $60,000. Total City investment in the Dutch Storefront Program is over $700,000.

Buildings completed under the Dutch Storefront Program have proven to be popular attractions with visitors to our annual Tulip Festival. In 2007 and 2008, the City Council enhanced the downtown Dutch architectural experience by constructing and renovating buildings in our Windmill Park. Dutch architectural styles were used to design the new farmer’s market building and renovate the front of the band shell.

Joe’s TV & Appliance “before” and “after”

For more information or help in the design and approval process, contact City Hall. Code Enforcement Officer, Kurt Frederes is the City liaison between owners, the Review Committee, and the City Council.

Kurt Frederes
Code Enforcement Officer
P: 712-707-4885
F: 712-707-4351

Download: Dutch Store Front Grant Brochure

Retail Encouragement Loan Program

This Program is designed for retail businesses that stock new items for sale on racks, shelving or a floor display are considered eligible for this program. Loan Parameters: May be a new retail business or a new owner of an existing retail business in Orange City that is either leasing new or existing space or is constructing new space. May be an existing retail business in Orange City that is expanding at its existing or at a new location.  Only the extra square footage that is added to their existing sales space will be considered eligible. Must be open for the public a minimum of 40 hours per week. Must be a member of the Orange City Chamber of Commerce. Must be served by the OC Municipal Utilities (electric). Loan application must be submitted prior to public opening.

Retail Utility Incentive Program

This program is open to new retail businesses that would not otherwise qualify for the Orange City Retail Encouragement Loan program. Retail business is defined as a business engaged in the selling of tangible personal property and certain taxable service businesses as approved by the Retail Development Board. Please click in the link below for further details of the program.