Dutch Store Front Committee

The City of Orange City requires that all new construction and exterior remodeling of structures in Commercial Districts must be done in a manner consistent with Old World Dutch architecture. This includes architectural design, colors, materials, and signage. Orange City prides itself on its Dutch heritage and wants to ensure that our commercial districts reflect this heritage. The experience of visiting and shopping in an old world Dutch village can be greatly enhanced with proper buildings and atmosphere. The City has appointed a volunteer committee to review both proposed remodeling and new buildings to ensure that old world Dutch architecture is incorporated into the design. This committee meets with property owners and helps guide them toward the authentic Dutch “look”. The committee has guidelines it uses when advising building owners.

Once the committee and owner have agreed on a design, the committee reviews the completed project to ensure compliance with the requirements. With the committee’s recommendation, the City Council determines matching fund grants to the owner. These grants are used to help offset some of the cost of construction and remodeling.

For more information contact Kurt Frederes, Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector, at 712-707-4885 or code-enf@orangecityiowa.com

current members

Rod De Boer


John Buntsma


Nora Mulder

(712) 737-3670

Mike Hofman

(712) 707-4510

Funds and Grants


Grant amounts are based on 50% of actual exterior cost of front with a max of $75,000 for approved new fronts. Maintenance funding available up to $5,000 within a 5-year period for previously funded fronts. Funds are dispersed when the project is completed.


Matching Funds from the City of Orange City.
Applications taken anytime.

Application Process

Step 1: Select

Select a contractor/architect to design your Dutch front.

Step 2: Submit

Submit a proposal and cost estimate for committee review and approval.

Step 3: Approval

Approval from City Council for matching funds.

Step 4: Build

Build the Dutch Front as approved.

Step 5: Funds

Funds for matching amount are distributed after cost invoices are provided and approved.

For more information contact Kurt Frederes, Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector, at 712-707-4885 or code-enf@orangecityiowa.com.

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