Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

calling all lifeguards

The City of Orange City will be looking to hire Lifeguards for the 2020 pool season.

  • Applications due April 24 (after April 24th will be by discretion only)
  • Letters will be sent out May 2
  • Applications can be downloaded at here: Download Application
  • For more info: call 707-4885 (ask for Mitch) or email prdir@orangecityiowa.com

Orange City Fire Department

The Orange City Fire Department is looking for volunteers. Applicants must be residents of Orange City, pass a reference check, and complete mandatory training. Mechanical skills and physical fitness are a plus. Applications are available online at orangecityfire.com. Contact Chief Denny Vander Wel at 712-737-8227 or Membership Coordinator Ann Lundberg at 712-737-3041 for more information.

To get involved with other clubs and organizations in Orange City, visit the Clubs & Organizations page.

City of Orange City Employment

If you are interested in working for the City of Orange City, please fill out an Employment Application and return in to City Hall.

Seasonal Park and Recreation Employment (Pool Included)

If you are interested in working for the Park and Recreation Department for the City of Orange City, please fill out the  Seasonal Application Document

Volunteer for the Orange City Tulip Festival

Volunteering for the Festival is a great way to get involved in the Orange City community and learn about event planning, organizing, and of course Dutch culture. Get Involved

Orange City Public Library Board of Trustees

Are you interested in serving on the Library Board of Trustees? Please fill out the Board of Trustees Application and return it to the library for consideration.

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