Waste Water

The wastewater treatment system includes a series of five cell continuous flow lagoons.
The average flow for 2013 was 1 MGD. The maximum lagoon capacity is 3 MGD. Three 100 horse-power blowers add air to the wastewater, promoting bacteria growth. These bacteria process the waste, helping create clean water. Weekly testing ensures proper oxygen for bacteria growth. Final testing is performed prior to releasing processed wastewater into the West Branch River. Monthly Operating Reports are submitted to the
DNR to ensure limits are met.

The responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the City’s sanitary sewer collection system lies with this department. The system contains three main sanitary lift stations. Each year, 4-6 blocks of sewer lines are televised for inspection and cleaned as necessary.

For more information contact Matt Van Schouwen, Public Works Director, at 712-707-4885 or publicworks@orangecityiowa.com.

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