Utility Checkoff Donation Program

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For as little as $5 a month added to your utility bill, YOU can help build our community’s future. Make a lasting impact by financially supporting the ongoing work of GrowOC (formally OC21 Foundation).

Give small. Think BIG! is a fantastic opportunity to invest in our community’s future and grow a vibrant Orange City.

Waste Water

The Orange City wastewater system collects and treats sanitary sewer waste from the community. The city’s 48 miles of sanitary sewer main collects waste from homes and businesses to be treated at the wastewater treatment facility. The treatment system includes a multiple-cell lagoon system and a treatment facility constructed in 2018. The treatment facility utilizes a pretreatment system to physically remove sand and grit, an activated sludge system to biologically treat the waste, and an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system to kill microorganisms that are harmful to the environment. Two of the city’s existing lagoons are utilized for flow equalization during heavy rain events and for sludge storage prior to land application. The treatment facility is designed to treat a total flow of 2.45 million gallons per day (MGD), and is able to be expanded as the community grows.

The wastewater utility shares staff with the water utility and consists of four certified operators. Their responsibilities include daily monitoring and testing of the wastewater facility, operation and maintenance of the sanitary sewer collection system and lift stations, and cleaning, televising, and lining of sanitary sewer mains.

Please click here for Orange City’s sump pump policy and inspection program.

For more information contact Matt Van Schouwen at 712-707-4885 or publicworks@orangecityiowa.com.

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