notice to orange city property owners: sump pump system compliance inspection

Due to higher than expected flows in the Orange City sanitary sewer system during the spring and summer months caused by heavy rain events, the Mayor and City Council have authorized the inspection of each property in Orange City. The purpose of the inspection is to verify a building’s sump pumping system is capable of diverting ground water to the outside of the building, rather than into the City’s sanitary sewer system.
The City’s sanitary sewer system is not designed to handle pumped ground water from homes during heavy rain events. When ground water is pumped into the City’s sanitary sewer system, the sanitary sewer lines fill and back up into lower elevation basements in homes.

Inspection Process:

City staff will be contacting each Orange City property owner to conduct an in-building inspection in the next few months. The order of the inspections will be in relation to areas of backup problems in Orange City. If the property building’s sump pumping system is not capable of diverting ground water outside correctly, an order to make the correction will be given to the property owner. The property owner will then have 45 days to bring their sump pumping system into compliance. A second inspection will occur after the property owner makes the change or at the 45 day limit date to determine compliance.

If the sump pumping system does not comply after 45 days, the property owner will be fined $200.00 and given a second notice to bring the pumping system into compliance.

Thereafter, the property owner will be fined $200 for each 30 days their sump pumping system continues to be non-compliant. The property owner can appeal for an extension for a reasonable explanation that corrective action will take longer than the 45 days.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these efforts. Please contact the Orange City City Office with questions at (712)707-4885.