Vision & Goals

What is the Chamber?

It is a non-profit, voluntary organization of individuals and businesses which join together to advance our community in all areas. The Chamber is many things to many people: a civic clearing-house; a public relations counselor; a legislative representative; an information bureau; a research and promotional medium.


What does the Chamber do?

The activities of the Chamber are determined by community development goals as originated by the membership and committees, adopted by the board of directors, usually in the form of Program of Work responsibility for the program achievement is delegated to one of a number of committees. Each committee has its own specific purpose of function and has a chairman which calls meetings as needed or monthly.

Under the Chamber’s new reorganization, there exist many areas of responsibility with many groups involved.


The Chamber Board

Chosen by the membership, evaluates and re-evaluates the program of work each year. Giving wisdom and direction, non-biased to all the committees below:


This group of 18 meets monthly to organize visitations to new and expanded businesses. They are the liason for the Chamber providing goodwill and unity among the businesses of Orange City. They also distribute information during the Tulip Festival.

Merchant’s Association

This group’s purpose is to encourage businesses to band together, uniting efforts in bringing in outside dollars, as well as to build local customer loyalty for their continued support, by providing good promotions, extended advertising and exceptional service.

Membership Committee

Made up of past presidents of 3 years, plus two members chosen by the committees, their purpose is to solicit new members, membership retentions, and to set up a benefits and dues structure.

Social Committee

This group plans and organizes the Annual Chamber Golf Outing and Annual Meeting in September.

Growth Organization

This group is a networking organization of dedicated, talented young people in the Orange City area.


Program of work


Continue to provide for Chamber Members and support for:

  • City Council
  • County Supervisors
  • Economic Development

Continue association with and support for:

  • Northwest Iowa Chamber Coalition
  • Association of Business and Industry (ABI)
  • US Chamber of Commerce
  • Iowa Chamber of Commerce
  • Travel Federation of Iowa (TFI)
  • Western Iowa Tourism (WITR)

Assistance to local communities and organizations:

  • Ambassadors—tiles, ribbons, communication, & board representative.
  • Dutch Heritage Boosters—Sinterklaas Day & Century Home; assist with sales.
  • Merchant’s Association—promotions & advertising; board representative.
  • Business EXPO—for services, industry, & retail businesses.
  • Retail Development Board—solicit & encourage new & expanding businesses; grant assistance with the city.
  • Tulip Festival Steering Committee—office staff assistance.
  • Sioux County Historical Society—contact for tours.
  • City Hostess—provide copies & letters.
  • Community Betterment Board Committee Representation.

Provide social gatherings and communication opportunities:

  • Weekly Chamber Coffee on Friday mornings.
  • Annual Chamber Golf Outing in August.
  • Annual Chamber Dinner in September.
  • Monthly Merchant’s Meeting.

All Community Support:

  • Supply area visitor centers with brochures.
  • Staff the Visitor Welcome Center.
  • Provide four highway signs promoting Orange City with cooperative support from the City, Foundation 21, Dutch Heritage  Boosters, Northwestern College and Landsmeer Golf Course.
  • Sponsor printing of “Welkom” brochure.
  • Provide a full-time staff to serve visitors and community.
  • Offer the Chamber Value Card to Northwestern College students and community.