Matt Van Schouwen – Public Works Director

Phone: 712-707-4885

Public Works Director

The Director of Public Works, Matt Van Schouwen, ensures that the citizens of Orange City have safe, reliable and dependable utilities and streets. The Director oversees the electric, natural gas, water, waste water and street departments. He has a superintendent in each utility that reports to him on their specific utility.

Job duties include:

• Working with engineers on projects

• Overseeing projects

• Going over specs and maps

• Maintaining proper licensing of employees for their job function

• Ensuring work time limits are maintained

• Helping with budget

• Following budget restraints

• Overseeing the operations and maintenance of each utility

• Safety training

All utilities have on-call personal available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For utility emergencies call 712-707-5000.