Addressing a Need

Have you ever needed to find a building when you’re not familiar with the neighborhood? It’s both frustrating and time consuming when there are no address numbers on homes or businesses. Imagine you’re an EMT, police officer, or fireman responding to a call for help. Time is wasting while you look for the correct address. Street address numbers are not only valuable in an emergency, it’s also Iowa law. The Code of Iowa in Section 364.12(3d) and the Orange City Municipal Code of Ordinances both require homes and buildings be numbered. The numbers must be “in a conspicuous place to the street in figures not less than four (4) inches in height”. Check if your house or building has address numbers and that they’re visible from the street. If you don’t have address numbers, install them for your safety. If you’re not sure on the exact number, contact the City Office. We’ll help confirm the correct number. It’s a recipe for disaster when you need help and emergency personnel can’t find you.