City of Orange City: Farm Lease – Request for Bids

Sealed bids are due to the City Office by noon on Monday, October 31, 2022. Bids will be opened at 1:00 PM on the same date. Property A and Property B will be considered as separate bids.
Bids should include name of bidder, contact information, and a per acre bid for each year of 2023 and 2024

Property Descriptions

Property A

Parcels 173401003, 1734251001, and 1734401002 in Sec/Twp/Rng 34-95-44. Containing 93.78 acres, more or less. 73.78 acres north of Dunlop Wildlife Trail and 20 acres south of the trail with access off 440th Street.

Property B

Parcels 1729426001, 1729401002, and 1729401003 in Sec/Twp/Rng 29-95-44. Containing 49.4 acres, more or less. With access off County K64.


Possession by Tenant for a term of 2 years to commence on March 1, 2023 and end on February 28, 2025.

Rent Payment

Total annual cash rent for 2023 is payable in two equal payments on May 1, 2023 and November 1, 2023. Total annual cash rent for 2024 is payable in two equal payments on May 1, 2024 and November 1, 2024.

Additional Provisions

Formal farm lease contract will be completed by Klay Law Office after the awarding of bids.
City reserves the right to terminate this lease after one year and can terminate same by written notice to tenant any time prior to March 1, 2024. In the event City does terminate this lease after September 1, 2023, and tenant has incurred crop input expenses for the 2024 crop year, City will reimburse those expenses including, but not limited to, spraying, tillage, planting, seed, fertilizer, and chemicals.
Tenant agrees to apply the minimum soil nutrients to the real estate each year during the lease term: Corn Acres: 150 lbs per acre Nitrogen, 80 lbs per acre Phosphorus, 60 lbs per acre Potassium, 15 lbs per acre Sulfer. Soybean Acres: 60 lbs per acre Phosphorus, 80 lbs per acre Potassium, 15 lbs per acre Sulfer

City of Orange City
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