Nights at the Museum

We have another great summer of special speakers! All programs will start at 6:30 p.m. at the museum.

Tuesday, June 18 | Kaleb Schrock “A Generation of Adventure: The Mountain Men”
Fred Manfred, raised near Doon, Iowa, wrote his most famous book Lord Grizzly about the survival of a real mountain man, Hugh Glass. But what was it really like? Schrock, a mountain man reenactor, will take a look at famous figures in the Rocky Mountain fur trade in the early 1800s and will describe the daily life and the equipment that made it happen.

Tuesday, July 9 |Jim Schaap “The Suckow Story”
These days Schaap spends his time touting the writing of Ruth Suckow, an early 20th century writer whose work features rural Iowa. After introducing Suckow, who was born in Hawarden, a performance of talented local thespians will perform a reader’s theater based on Suckow’s story, “A Great Mollie.”

Tuesday, August 13 | Andrew Klump “Double Dutch: Dutch Immigrants as Both Settlers and Missionaries?”
Almost as soon as they put down roots in Sioux County, the Dutch settlers began planning to spread the Gospel throughout the world to places like China, Japan, and the Middle East. Klump will discuss the connections between the vision that both built the Dutch colonies in Sioux County and also informed a far-reaching global missionary effort.

Tuesday, September 17 | Del Walinga “The Antiquity of Policing”
Walinga will show the rich history of the development of the law enforcement profession by looking at significant milestones both internationally and locally. Who knows what you might learn about the underbelly world of crime in Orange City?