New Billing System Software Adds Convenience

Office staff has been working hard upgrading our utility billing software. We are excited to share all the new features available to you!

On your last utility bill, you may have noticed the change in format, a new graph showing water usage, and a QR code. By scanning this QR code with your phone camera, you will be brought to the new online site where you can pay your bill or sign in/register to view your account. To register, you will need your utility account number and your last payment amount.

With the new billing software, we would like to bring a few things to your attention:

  • If your email is on file, you will get a notification when your bill is processed. This is just a notification. You do not need to put in any information unless you would like to pay right away.
  • If you do make an online account, you can see your history and make a payment, but you do not have to pay your bill that way.
  • If you have had ACH before the new system, you do not need to make any changes or pay your bill a different way. This will continue the same being taken out the due date of the bills.
  • If you pay through your bank online, please update your account number (see top right corner of your bill). This is to ensure we give credit to the correct account.If you send in payment, please ensure it is addressed to PO Box 406.
  • Scan the QR code on your utility bill or visit us at Scroll down to find an orange button that says, “pay a bill”. This brings you to our online payments’ website.

Go check out the new features online!