Please Keep Meters Clear

When the snow piles high, we know it can be a challenge to keep the driveway, sidewalks, and stairs clear. OCMU asks you to keep one other area free of snow and ice – your gas meter and the path to it.
Heavy or hard-packed snow and ice on your gas meter may present a safety hazard. Heavy, deep snow and ice can limit ventilation and affect the regulator on your gas meter.
Please use these guidelines for helping OCMU staff access and accurately read and service your home’s meter:

  • Keep meters easy to reach. OCMU’s meter readers need access each month and quick access in an emergency can be critical for your safety.
  • Remove snow and ice from your meter. Never let it get completely covered. Do not shovel snow up against your meter.
  • NEVER kick or hit the gas meter or its piping to break away snow or ice. Use a broom to gently sweep it away.