reminders for the use of the city compost and brush site

With winter finally in the rearview mirror, we are all excited for outdoor projects and yardwork. With these projects comes collecting and disposing of yard waste. The City compost and brush site is located on the west side of town near the Orange City Welcome sign on Highway 10. Residents can dispose of grass, leaves, and other yard waste at this location, free of charge. Below are some reminders and helpful information about this site.

There are two piles – what is allowed at each pile?

The north pile is the compost site. Grass clippings, garden waste, leaves, and other compostable materials may be dumped here. Please remove all waste material from plastic or paper bags.
The south pile is the tree & brush site. Tree branches, shrubs, and other larger debris is allowed on this pile. Please separate compost and brush material to ensure they are disposed of on the proper pile.

What materials are not allowed to be disposed of on these piles?

Garbage, lumber, building materials, and other waste are not allowed at the compost & brush site. Large root balls are also not permitted.

The site is periodically cleared and the piles disappear – what happens to the compost and brush piles?

Each fall, City street department staff haul and spread the compost material to the neighboring field. For the brush pile, the City has hired a tree chipping contractor to grind the branches and brush periodically through the summer. Through this arrangement, the contractor performs this work at no cost to the City and is able to sell the wood chips.
Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to keep this useful and available to all Orange City residents.