See our progress as we and our partners try to raise enough funds to give rebates for $1M of local spending!

Receipts Turned in: $750,000 of $900,000 local impact
Total Rebate Bucks Claimed: $75,000 of the $90,000 available

Restaurant & Small Retail Rebate Bucks Initiative

March 23, 2020 – Update

Until further notice, the Chamber office is closed to the public.
We are currently working remotely and are still available via email and phone.

You can contact us at the following:
Facebook messenger, 712-707-4510 or

With this decision come changes to our services. We will continue to post updates/instructions on our website, Facebook page, and in our newsletter emails.

In conjunction with the closure of our office to the public…

Community members who would like to redeem receipts as part of our rebate bucks program are asked to email the following info to

  • Photo of the COMPLETE receipt
  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Phone Number

YOU MUST keep your original receipts for verification upon redemption. We will honor receipts until funds are exhausted in the order they are received via this process as well as walk-ins when we re-open.

Save your receipts from local restaurants and retailers.


Starting March 18, 2020 the Orange City Chamber in partnership with the Alton Chamber, the Orange City Betterment Board and other community supporters is rolling out a new program for local-spending rebates in response to the impact from emergency changes to how restaurants and small retailers can do business.

For every $100 spent (rounded down), you will earn a $10 “Rebate Buck”. Spend $1,000 we give you $100. Spend $125 get $10, etc.

  • Maximum of $1,000 per receipt from any one business at a time

  • Receipts must be dated after the program starting date (March 18, 2020)
  • Submitted receipts must show actual payment type – cash, check, credit card
  • Purchases made with Gift Cards do not apply for this program
  • We will keep track of a running total for your receipt submissions
  • Invoices will not be accepted as proof of payment
  • Charges to Accounts and ROA payments do not qualify
  • Excludes grocery store receipts
  • You must keep copies of your receipts to turn in for verification
  • Rebate Bucks will be available at the Chamber Office when we reopen to the public

We hope to encourage our community to support its small retailers and restaurants during this difficult time.

How it works:

  • You spend money at local Orange City & Alton retailers or restaurants. (They don’t have to be a Chamber Member)
  • Save your receipt from your transaction.
  • Email your receipts to the Orange City Chamber at:
  • Get $10 in “Rebate Bucks” for every qualifying $100 spent.
  • Rebate Bucks can be picked up at the Chamber office when we reopen to the public and receipts are verified.
  • Spend your rebate bucks at local retailers and restaurants

Purchases that can help support our small retailers and restaurants:

  • Gift Certificates or Gift Cards
  • Pay it forward – Buy a gift card or certificate for someone else
  • Carry Out or Delivery Meals
  • Shop your small retailer’s online stores
  • Buy someone in need a meal
  • Prepay a membership to support your local gym
  • Buy movie passes to look forward to

Final decisions of receipt acceptance will be made by the Orange City Chamber prior to Rebate Bucks being distributed.