Shelter Houses

Windmill Park Shelter House

Windmill Park: $50 Windmill Park shelter house is in our park on Central Avenue. This shelter house can seat 64-70 people. It is an open-air shelter house.

Veteran’s Park Shelter House

Veteran’s Park Shelter House: $50 Our Veteran's Park Shelter has access to 8 tables with an oven, refrigerator, sink, as well as basketball, pickelball, dog park, and playground equipment. Pick up for keys to this facility is at…

Scout House

Scout House: $50 Our Scout House is located in Veteran's Park and has bathrooms, sink, stove, and a refrigerator. We have 8 round tables for guests, and many park amenities around this shelter. Pick up for keys to this facility is…

Pool Shelter House

Pool Shelter House: $50 - The pool shelter house is located by the Orange City Swimming Pool. This shelter house can hold 70-80 people. It is not heated or air-conditioned but has windows with screens that can be opened.