Spring Recreation

The Orange City Fall and Winter Recreation Program offers exciting and enriching programs for children starting at 3 years of age, to programs offered for adults. Our goal is to provide positive and exciting social opportunities through recreation and leisure programming. The programs are offered at various sites throughout Orange City, and the participants of these activities can be assured they will receive the following benefits:

  • A safe haven to socialize and recreate with their peers.
  • A time set aside to teach life long lasting activities.
  • Team building and collaboration.
  • Programming that incorporates character development in confidence, integrity, leadership and teamwork.
  • Great Arts and Crafts programming offered daily.

special thanks

Thank you to the numerous volunteers who make the programs successful. Without the many volunteers who give so generously of their time, many of our programs would not be offered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What grade do I go by when signing my child up for programs? Please sign up by the grade your child is currently in.


Noah Minnick

Director – Parks and Recreation

I am a lifelong resident of Orange City and a graduate of Northwestern College. I have worked for the city full-time for 2 years. First as the Assistant Parks and Recreation Director, and as of July 2023 the Parks and Recreation Director. I strive to provide people of all ages with great recreational programs and opportunities to stay active and healthy. I also want to provide safe parks and trails where people can relax, play, and connect with one another. I look forward to serving the citizens of Orange City!

For more information contact Naoh Minnick, Orange City Parks and Recreation Director, at 712-707-4885 or prdir@orangecityiowa.com

Jaaron Paugh

Assistant Director – Parks and Recreation

I have been the recreation director for Orange City since December of 2007.  I have a passion for recreation and leisure, as well as for the citizens of Orange City.  My goal as a director is to offer excellent recreation and leisure opportunities for all ages, as well as the continued development of our parks and trail systems.

For more information contact Jaaron Paough, Orange City Parks and Recreation  Assistant Director, at 712-707-4885 or parkrecasst@orangecityiowa.com

Brian Goslinga

Park Supervisor

Brian has worked for the city as the parks supervisor for over 10 years.  Brian has a genuine care and commitment to seeing that Orange City has parks that are clean and well kept.  Brian supervises over 10 employees throughout the summer and fall seasons.

For more information contact Brian Goslinga, Orange City Parks and Recreation Supervisor, at
712-707-2761 or prdir@orangecityiowa.com



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