Garbage Collection To Change

Orange City residents will automatically receive new 60 gallon garbage totes during the week of January 21st.  The monthly garbage fee will increase from $12.15 to $13.45 and will be reflected in your January utility statement.  However, at an additional cost, residents can opt for a 95 gallon tote and/or have multiples of each.  To order a different size, please contact OC Sanitation office at 737-2645.  Please note the following:  The use of the new totes will begin on Friday, February 1st.  The location and weekday of your garbage pickup will not change.  Totes are to be left out by the street or alleyway with the front facing the street (or wheels by the curb) and the lids closed.  If you wish, your garbage can be used as an additional recycling container by affixing a RECYCLABLE label that is free at the OC Sanitation and City Offices.  For more information, please call 737-2645 or 707-4885.