Mural Dedication

Mural by Mark Alsum 2013 

The new mural in downtown Orange City will be dedicated at 9:30 am on Thursday, June 13th.

Mark Alsum
Mark Alsum
Mark Alsum is an artist who graduated from Northwestern College. Mark created the mural over the course of several weeks. With this mural and the one created by Mark in 2011, he has framed a 2 block area of downtown Orange City.  Mark, who grew up in Alton, and his wife Rebecca will be moving to Duluth at the end of June.

In Memory of
Becky Kleinwolterink

The new mural will be dedicated in memory of Orange City Arts Council board member Becky Kleinwolterink. Becky was an energetic and proactive member of the Orange City Arts Council board. She worked on OnStage events and many other Arts Council activities.