Orange City 21 Foundation Kicks Off New Campaign

Residents of Orange City are being challenged to make a difference in the future of their community and “join the progress” through contributions to the re-invigorated Orange City 21 Foundation. For as little as $1 a week, added to their Municipal Utility bill, citizens can participate in building a successful, progressive community today – and going forward.

Orange City 21 Foundation (OC21) is the fund-raising arm of the Orange City Development Corporation (OCDC)—a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to economic development and community planning and betterment. “Our mission is to help create and sustain a prosperous, ‘livable’ community for the long term,” reports Bert Aarsen, OC21 committee member. “Financial support of this foundation helps make Orange City truly competitive, successful, and progressive for its residents, partners, stakeholders, and future generations.”

By serving as a catalyst for public-private partnerships, OC21 “seeks to promote the development of commercial, industrial, and retail property and businesses, as well as betterment projects designed to improve quality of life.”

Initiatives and responsibilities of the OCDC include:

• business recruitment and retention
• facilitation of public and private development to stimulate economic growth and create job
• property management and land improvement
• leadership/business education and workforce developmen
• entrepreneurial assistance
• community master planning
• community betterment
• regional awareness/marketing to bolster tourism

According to Aarsen, since its original inception in 1988, OC21 has contributed to many vital and vibrant projects, including the annual Tulip festival, MOC-Floyd Valley sports fields, Landsmeer Golf Club, Northwestern College, the Orange City Fire Department, Veteran’s Memorial, the Orange City Area Daycare and Preschool, community gardens, The Bridge, and Orange City Area Health System.

The OC21 Foundation is re-igniting fundraising efforts and increasing awareness among residents, including those who have moved to the community or become Utility customers in recent years, and they are asking for everyone to consider what they can give on a monthly basis.

For more information on how to contribute to the exciting current and future projects funded by OC21, visit and click on the “Orange City 21” link. Also, you can follow OC21 on your favorite social media site.