rules for wind energy systems

The growing popularity of wind turbines and wind farms in rural Iowa continues to grow.  However, their use in urban settings creates a different set of circumstances to ponder.  The OC City Council is doing just that.   A wind energy system ordinance is being reviewed that would dictate set back distances, heights, free fall zones, and minimum ground clearances for City zoned properties. Ken Meendering, the City Code Enforcement Officer, had presented the Planning & Zoning Commission’s recommendation to the City Council on May 6th.  For the proposal to be approved as a City Ordinance, it must be affirmed by the City Council on three different “readings” or votes.  At their May 20th meeting, the Council granted its 2nd approval.   The 3rd and final vote is scheduled for June 3rd.

To see the detailed ordinance, go to or contact Ken at 707-4885 or