Beginner Dog Obedience

All Ages

June 4, 11, 18, 25
July 2, 9


Vet’s Park Pavilion


Come ready to learn the tools and techniques needed for successful dog training at home. Commands such as sit, down, stay and come will be introduced in class with the expectation of practicing at home throughout the week. Class is limited to 8 dogs, plus their owners. All dogs must be friendly. Supplies needed: leash, clicker, and training treats.
6 weeks

About the Instructor:

Self-taught in dog obedience, Jen is looking for an opportunity to share her knowledge and gain more experience helping others. Along with learning through books, videos and classes, she has trained her own dogs and has spent numerous hours dog sitting. She believes all dogs need a healthy balance of exercise, leadership, discipline and affection and her approach to teaching obedience is more than just teaching a command with positive marking (clicker), but involves improving the owner/pet relationship.

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