Youth Baseball

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Vets / Pool Fields

In case of rain, wet conditions, or lightning, call 712-707-4888, or look at your email for any program information.

Sign up for the grade they are currently in!

Boys T-Ball $30 – Parent Coached

Participants will learn to hit off a tee and cover basic fundamentals of throwing, catching, and fielding. Practices will consist of both instruction and game play. A safety baseball will be used. Please do not bring personal bats.
Kindergarten boys will hit off a tee.

Begins Monday, June 3
Age: Kindergarten or 5 years of age.
Time: Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:30 pm
Location: Vets Park

1st & 2nd Grade Baseball $35 – Parent Coached

Participants will be pitched to in this grade. Practices will consist of both instruction and some game play during practices, as well as with other towns. Coaches pitch to players, and gloves and appropriate footwear required. Please do not bring personal bats to the program.
These boys will receive three pitches and then issued a tee for the fourth attempt.

  • Will participate in 1 or more out of town games, along with games amongst each other.

Begins Monday, June 3
Time: Monday and Wednesday 6:45-7:45pm
Location: Vets / Pool Fields

3rd & 4th Grade Baseball $40 – Parents Coach Games

These boys will practice and scrimmage each other, as well as playing games against teams from towns nearby. All participants will have the chance to play in games.

  •  Practices will be led by the local high school teams.
  • Practices on Tuesday and Thursday will consist of station work and will focus on reps.
  • We will do Machine Pitch games on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Parents will coach the games and will have access to nights for additional practices if needed.
  • We will wear black pants. We have some available, but encourage players to get their own.
  • We will have helmets, but also encourage players to look at getting a helmet for hygiene reasons.
  • Please Label any personal items.

*Schedules will be sent out to all the parents.

Begins Monday, June 3
Time: Monday – Friday 9:30-10:30 am
Location: Vets Park

Orange City Recreation Code of Play

1. All children will be given the chance to participate.
2. Children will have the opportunity to learn and
develop basic skills.
3. Children will gain a simple understanding of
the game.
4. Children will learn to participate as a team member.
5. Children will learn to play with little emphasis on
score or winning and losing.
6. Children will learn about sportsmanship.
7. Children will develop a lifetime interest in the game.

Signup based on grade completed.

The age requirement is either five years old or completed with Kindergarten. For kids in TK and younger, please sign up for Sports Central

Footwear Requirements

In all activities, the participants are required to wear shoes—NO sandals.

In Case of Rain

In case of rain, wet conditions, or lightning, call 712-707-4888, listen to KSOU 93.9 FM, or online at OrangeCityIowa.parks-recreation.

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