The results from the Orange City Community Survey are posted below:

Community Survey Results

Please note: The Orange City Satisfaction survey was approved by Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Northwestern College.  The surveys were sent out to a convenience sample of billed utility accounts and respondents were not chosen at random. The results of the survey are based on voluntary completion of the surveys both in paper form as well as via online survey.  Comments and verbatim responses are considered confidential and will not be released other than in aggregate data sets. Completed surveys were entered into a drawing for a free month’s worth of utilities.  The survey results were collected and compiled by Northwestern College students as a part of course work and were presented to the Orange City Council.  Northwestern College, its students and staff should not be liable for any and all damages or costs with respect to the use of the data. The survey data in the Customer Satisfaction survey does not necessarily reflect or constitute the opinions or endorsement from Northwestern College of the results.