The Orange City Public Library is enriching a vibrant community by providing a comfortable space for the community to discover their roots, express creativity, and celebrate diversity through literacy, information, and technology.


Director: Lisa Johnson, MLIS

library staff

Abigail Ver Mulm, Administrative Assistant
Phyllis Van Gelder, Education and Literacy
Madelaine Colarossi, Circulation Services
Gabriela Garrido-Ortiz, Circulation Services
Cheryl Kugler, Circulation Services
Gail Marincovich, Circulation Services
Justin Mills, Circulation Services
Amy Nonhof, Outreach Services
Anna Bartlett, Spanish Services
Kari Ringelberg, Technical Services
Lindsey Van Schepen, Youth Services

board of trustees

Micah Bilby*, Secretary/Treasurer;  Term 2022
John Buntsma, Term 2020-2024
Kay Joiner, President; Term 2019 – 2023
Sue Kroesche*; Term 2022
Anne Mead; Term 2020 – 2024
Cary Valdes; Term 2019 – 2023
Jared Weber, Vice President; Term 2017 – 2021
Aaron Beadner, City Council Library Liaison

Are you interested in serving on the Library Board? Complete our Board of Trustees Application and return it to the library.

*Filling a board term due to resignation.


May 2021: Agenda and Minutes
April 2021: Agenda and Minutes
March 2021: Agenda and Minutes
February 2021: Agenda and Minutes
January 2021: Agenda and Minutes
December 2020: Agenda and Minutes
November 2020: Agenda and Minutes
October 2020: Agenda and Minutes
September 2020: Agenda and Minutes
August 2020: Agenda and Minutes
July 2020: Agenda and Minutes
June 2020: Agenda and Minutes
May 2020: Agenda and Minutes
April 2020: Agenda and Minutes
March 2020: Agenda and Minutes
February 2020: Agenda and Minutes
January 2020: Agenda and Minutes

Annual Reports

The Orange City Public Library is funded by allocations from the State Library of Iowa: Enrich Iowa Program, Sioux County, the City of Orange City, and generous donors from the community. Thank you for your support – financial and otherwise.

Annual  Report 2020
Annual  Report 2019

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