Daycare Classrooms


“Cubs” —infants 6 weeks to approximately 12 months

“The caregivers in the infant room love your child as much as you do!  It’s a difficult adjustment trusting the care of your son or daughter—at 6 weeks old—to someone else, but Orange City Daycare and Preschool personnel had me comfortable from the very start!”
–Beth Oolman, parent

“I really love working with the infants. It is interesting to watch them grow and develop at different stages. They all each have their own personalities which makes each baby unique and of course very cute. Some activities we enjoy include tummy time, and sensory and bonding activities.  I have worked at the daycare for 11 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.”
–Tami Peterson, infant room head teacher

“I heard only good things about Tami and her room staff before bringing my twins for the first time to Orange City Daycare and Preschool. It turns out they are great! I enjoy the daily updates we receive on the babies’ attitudes and the activities they have done.”
–Ellie Vitamvas, parent



“Tigers” —toddlers approximately 12-24 months

“I am the lead teacher of the one-year-olds. This age children are a lot of fun to work with. They love exploring the world around them and learning new things. They become very excited as they accomplish things.  In our room we do reading, flashcards, dancing, music, art and motor skill activities. It is very rewarding to work with the children. Their smiles and hugs just make my day! I really enjoy working at Orange City Daycare and Preschool and with the children.”
–Miss Cheryl, one-year-old Lead teacher

“Seeing the love and compassion the staff give our daughter gives us comfort and confidence in the care they are providing.”
–Rachel, parent

“We have been very impressed with the variety of fun and age appropriate activities they do with the kids.”
–Craig, parent




“Lions” —children approximately 24-36 months

“I love working in the Lions (two-year-old) Room because every day is a new experience. You never know what new adventure you will have!”
–Emily Lathrop, head teacher




“Monkeys” —children three years of age by September 15

“I love teaching in the three year old room. The children are so eager to learn new things and their excitement is contagious! I look forward to coming to work each day knowing I’ll have 24 faces smiling back at me!”
–Carla Peterson, three-year-old preschool teacher

“Both of my children have loved Miss Carla’s room. Miss Carla and Miss Ronna do a wonderful job of fostering independence and individual growth while still being loving and nurturing. I can also tell that they reinforce the learning we try to accomplish at home, and then some. I would highly recommend the three-year-old room for preschool and daycare.”
–Lyndsay Bahrke, parent

Orange City Daycare and Preschool provides excellent care for our children. It is comforting to know that they are left in such capable hands. We appreciate the social skills they have acquired and continue to be amazed at how much they learn each day. The staff provides a structured environment for our children, yet makes each one feel special and loved.”
–Shawna Pottebaum, parent




“Pandas” —children four years of age by September 15

“The four-year-old room is an exciting place for new learning and lots of language. I enjoy seeing the “light bulb” go on and listening to their stories.”
–Miss Jill, preschool teacher

“When my son Noah was 15 months old, I became a single, homeless mother. I was Noah’s only caregiver. I tried three different child care centers with negative results before I found Orange City Daycare and Preschool. I was anxious and fearful leaving my son in other people’s care, given the bad experiences we had for three months. I found that the staff at Orange City Daycare and Preschool easy to talk with, caring, and very supportive. Noah does very well at the center and has made many friends (peers and staff). Noah is now almost 5 years old and has a little two year old brother. I no longer have any fears or concerns for my boys’ care because the staff at Orange City Daycare and Preschool have proven themselves for years to hiring the best caregivers and being supportive of my family and our overall well-being.”
–Rebecca Breaman, parent